If the full society is given for Termite Treatment the following advantage will be given

  • One Advantage of Termite Treatment is that, it is. Purely odourless (Chemical Name: Imidacloprid 30.5 S.C)

  • Termite Treatment guaranteed for Five year only.

  • Along With Termite Treatment, each & every flat will be given One Service of Cockroch free.

  • Termite Treatment of outside area will be Free

  • During this Contract Period (5 year) if the flat is under taken for Painting than Full Spray & Chemical will be     given Free.

  • If any flat is under taken for changing of flooring tilers than. free Termite Treatment will be given for the full        House, but if not informed & the house later has Termite than a fine will be charged.

  • One Free Service for Furniture (Wood Boroer). (Kerosene to be given flat owner).

  • One Rat Control Treatment Free

  • Outside area plus all the chember plus Pipe Spray & Staircase Sprey Treatment Free (General Pest Control).

  • During the Contract Period (Only Termite 1st year) Three Free Service (Check up Service Only).