We offer customers termite control services that are designed to take care of subterranean termite is white tinny insects that tends to live in underground colonies & enter human dwellings through concrete gaps/voids. Commonly known as white ants, these termites destroy documents, valuable property, furniture & furnishings as well as anything that contains cellulose. Working silently and swiftly, the damage is already done before you even become aware of it. Breeding underground, in the soil, these also crawl up through minute cracks & crevices in foundation and walls of your building.

Entry through the soil beneath the structure of building, they can enter though a gap 1/64th inch in building.

Ideal Environment

Dump, dark and moist soil, soil rich in organic matters like wood barks, roots etc.


Over 2300 species are found in termite, among which cryptotermes macrotermes, odontotermes are main species.


The Queen is the only reproductive caste, the reproduction is at its pace during May to August, a single pair can 2500000 to 10000000 offspring.

Damages Caused

Destroy the building structure and cause diseases like infection allergy and asthma.

Preventive measures

Anti termite treatment at pre and post construction stages recommended.


Treatment with approved TERMITICIDE can give protection up to ten years depending on the soil condition and structure