Mosquitoes seek their prey by exhaled carbon dioxide and the warmth of our bodies. So mosquito control is very important to all. Today lot of mosquito control products and insecticides, are available in market. There are many practices like fumigation, famous as mosquito killer. they cause malaria and dengue. Argus uses herbal products to combat mosquitoes which does not wrought any harm on human beings. mosquito pest control has become the mandatory exercise for us. we have total solutions for home mosquito control.


More than 18 entry spaces, any open area in house or building like windows, balcony, etc., are entry medium for them, transport medium like vehicles are also an entry medium for them.

Ideal Environment

Mosquitoes breed in water, so any still water, water bodies like ponds, pits dug and moist and dark places provide an ideal environment for mosquitoes.


Around 3100 species of mosquitoes are known, among them Ades , Culex , Anophelene are most commonly known.


Female mosquito requires blood meal to lay eggs in water and the transformation from egg to mosquito takes a time of 8 to 11 days, this cycle consists of several stages which are egg, larva, pupa & mosquito.

Damages Caused

Malaria, Dengue, filariasis, chikengunia along with other diseases.

Preventive measures

Keep your surroundings clean and dry regularly, apply waste oil in waste water deposits. Public education can play an important role in preventing growth of mosquitoes.


Weekly anti larva, space spraying, thermal fogging, biological control, minor engineering etc